Unix solaris High Availability Cluster for system admin

Unix solaris High Availability Cluster for system admin

Unix solaris High Availability cluster ( Failover )( Active – Passive ) in Real life example with VMware ESXi hypervisor

This course in 2022 will teach you how to set up a cluster step by step, you will learn how to setup High Availability ( Active-Passive ) Failover
I will teach you how the cluster works and components like :
– Quorum
– Resources
– Fencing
– Troubleshooting
– Active – Passive
– Failover

Solaris Cluster:
Oracle Solaris Cluster (sometimes Sun Cluster or SunCluster) is a high-availability cluster software product for Solaris, originally created by Sun Microsystems, which was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2010. It is used to improve the availability of software services such as databases, file sharing on a network, electronic commerce websites, or other applications. Sun Cluster operates by having redundant computers or nodes where one or more computers continue to provide service if another fails. Nodes may be located in the same data center or on different continents.

Solaris Cluster provides services that remain available even when individual nodes or components of the cluster fail. Solaris Cluster provides two types of HA services: failover services and scalable services.
To eliminate single points of failure, a Solaris Cluster configuration has redundant components, including multiple network connections and data storage which is multiply connected via a storage area network. Clustering software such as Solaris Cluster is a key component in a Business Continuity solution, and the Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition was created specifically to address that requirement.

Solaris Cluster is an example of kernel-level clustering software. Some of the processes it runs are normal system processes on the systems it operates on, but it does have some special access to operating system or kernel functions in the host systems. In June 2007, Sun released the source code to Solaris Cluster via the OpenSolaris HA Clusters community

What you’ll learn?
  • You will learn as System Administration to setup HA Cluster
  • You will learn as System Administration to setup HA Cluster ( failover )
  • You will learn as System Administration to setup HA Cluster ( Active – Passive )
  • You will learn how to setup Quorum on HA Cluster
  • You will learn how to setup Resources on HA Cluster
  • You will learn how to Troubleshooting HA Cluster
Who is this course for?
  • Anyone interested to learn HA Cluster
  • Recommend to have some knowledge or take my course for beginner (( Unix Solaris System Administration Zero to Hero for Beginner ))
Course content
1. Introduction Cluster High Availability
1. What will learn from this course
2. Udemy Platform
2. Setup the Lab of HA Cluster
1. The lab architecture
2. Downloading vmware workstation
3. Installing vmware workstation
4. Create Virtual Network for our Lab
5. VMware ESXi
6. Download ISO Repo
7. Unix Solaris Cluster High Availability
8. config the IP
3. Setup the Repo
1. Upload required repo packages
2. Setup Local Repo
3. Setup Cluster Repo
4. Setup High Availability Cluster
1. Install the Cluster package
2. Setup HA Cluster
5. Quorum
1. What is the Quorum
2. Add Shared Disk
3. Add Quorum
6. Resources
1. How the Resources works
2. Add shared disk
3. Create Resources
4. Failover Testing