Maya Modeling BOOST

Maya Modeling BOOST

Use Maya to create clean 3D models for film/television. Pushing beginner 3D modelers to the next level!.

This course is designed with the Beginner Maya modeler in mind.  If you are feeling like it takes forever to create smooth, clean 3D models in Maya, don’t give up! This course is packed with time-saving tricks, modeling theory, tips, and workflow ideas designed to equip you with an ultra-fast workflow for modeling. Once you master the concepts in this course, you will finally be able to spend more time creating (what we all really want) and less time trying to figure out how to fix it or move forward!

We’ll go over an awesome amount of information that I’ve been using every day in my 15-year modeling career in film/television production!  This course is intensive, but the pace and attitude is relaxed and laid back.  It’s the kind of experience that would make want to throw on some lofi hip-hop beats, brew your favorite beverage, and dive into!  This is the perfect project course for a free weekend, over a holiday, or if you are a real keener… an evening at home!

Near the end of the course, I will also touch on what it’s like to work on a production team, and explain how to make your 3D model production-ready or ready for the next department on a production!

What you’ll learn?
  • Live snap surface
  • Using Maya’s marking menu to create FAST!
  • Curvewarp
  • Multicut tool functionality
  • Vertex snapping
  • Fast selection
  • Blocking to adding detail workflow
  • A lot of tips and tricks to boost your speed!
Who is this course for?
  • You want ultra-fast, clean workflows when modeling in Maya
  • You want to spend more time creating and having fun and less time struggling with lumpy models!
  • You are curious about Modeling in the industry
  • You still feel like a beginner and want to know what to study to get to the next level
  • Autodesk Maya software (preferred 2018 to 2022)
Course content
01 – Quickstart
001 What is a Maya_
02 – Intro
001 Setting up the scene
002 Importing and placing reference images
03 – Blockout
001 Blocking out the top of the head
002 Blocking out the neck and eye shape
003 Blocking out the teeth and antenna
04 – Detailing
001 Detailing_ adding topology and curvature to the top of the head
002 Detailing_ adding the eye socket and prepping the topo to cut the vent hole
003 Detailing_ creating the vent geometry
004 Detailing_ creating the damaged hole in the head
005 Detailing_ adding topology to the bottom jaw and creating the jaw bolts
006 Detailing_ creating the neck
007 Detailing_ adding bent wires
008 Detailing_ adding final touches
05 – Finalizing the Model
001 Clean up and production chat