Fortigate Firewall Administration Course

Fortigate Firewall Administration Course

You will Learn How to administrate your fortigate Firewal from Zero to FortiHero

Fortigate Firewall Administration Course is a course that will teach you how to administrate your Fortigate firewall, from zero. Because every lecture of this course is a LAB you will learn how to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot your FortiGate firewall, that’s mean that it’s a practical course more than theoretical, so i want you to complete each lab and put your hands on configuration as soon as you can for better understanding, because one of the best way to learn is by doing.

We will use GNS3 to create labs i will show you how to setup it and use it, and  for the course content we will see all the things that you as an administrator will need to deal with like :
– Basic setup
– interfaces configuration including vlans, LACP and more.
– Configuration Backup and Restore.
– Email Alerts.
– Static and dynamic routing.
– NAT (Overload, One-To-One, Fixed-Port-range, Port-Block-Allocation).
– Port Forwarding.
– Firewall Policies to allow or deny traffic.
– Authentication.
– LDAP integration.
– High Availability.
– Traffic Shaping.
– Security Profiles.
AND Much More …

So without wasting your time i will let you start your journey with fortigate, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask me and good luck.

What you’ll learn?
  • Configure and Manage FortiGate Firewall.
  • Setuping a GNS3 Lab Environment.
  • Administrate FortiGate firewall.
  • FortiGate Firewalls Deployment Modes
  • First Access to Fortigate appliance
  • Implement High Availability with FortiGate Firewalls.
  • Nat and Port Forwarding
  • Interfaces Configuration (VLANs, Redundant, LAG)
  • Static And Dynamic Routing
  • SD-WAN Configuration
  • Authentication using LDAP and FSSO
  • Configuration Backup & Restore
  • Security Profiles
  • AntiVirus
  • Web Filter
  • DNS Filter
  • Application Control
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • File Filter
Who is this course for?
  • Beginners to network security.
  • professionals who have experience with any other firewalls.
  • Any one who want to learn how to configure and administer FortiGate Firewall.
  • Basic TCP/IP and security knowledge.
  • Knowledge on basic notions of switching and routing.
Course content
01 – Introduction
02 – Lab Setup
GNS3 Lab Setup Part-1
GNS3 Lab Setup Part-2
03 – Administration
Addresses Object
Admin Users
Configuration Backup & Restore
Control Traffic using Policies
DHCP Server
Email alerts
Features Visibility  Menu
Firmware Upgrade
Fortigate Initial Setup
Fortigate Internet Access
Fortiview Menu
Password Recovery
Secure Access
Traffic Shaping
04 – Interfaces Configuration
InterVLAN Routing
Redundant Interface
Vlans Configuration Part-1
Vlans Configuration Part-2
05 – Nat & Transparent Mode
Destination Nat – Port Forwarding
Enable Nat on TP Mode
Transparent Mode
06 – Routing
Dynamic Routing
Static Routing
07 – Authentication
FSSO Authentication
LDAP Authentication
Local Users
08 – High Availability
HA – Active/Active
09 – SD-WAN
SD-WAN Load Balancing
SD-WAN Rules
10 – VPN
Site-To-Site IPSEC VPN
Remote Access IPSEC VPN
SSL VPN Part-1
SSL VPN Part-2
SSL VPN Part-3
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