Electric vehicle technology from scratch

Electric vehicle technology from scratch

Start from basics

This course is regarding the basic knowledge of electric vehicles and parts of electric vehicles and we have discussed what types of motors, battery are available in the market in the next course we will try to explain in detail about the design structure and vehicle dynamics. In this course we will see the basic electric vehicle definition, electric vehicles importance, what are the important parts of electric vehicles which help our vehicles to move, maintain a battery temperature and motors to drive in proper way and also converting the same motors into alternator during regenerative breaking.

The course helps in learning some basic information about battery life, how to improve battery life and what can be done once the battery life comes down below a prescribed limit. Different types of motors, which motor is good for our amount load and what type of motor is good for higher efficiency and higher effectiveness. How a inverter is used to drive the load in a proper and smooth speed of vehicle. Along with inverter a motor controller unit is used to control the flow of Voltage, current, frequency etc…
Regenerative breaking is also Disscused in a detailed manner so that everyone should get a idea how it works and why it should be used, how it improve the overall efficiency of our vehicles by reducing the wastage of energy in the form of heat while breaking

And finally we have discussed about thermal cooling system used in electric vehicles which will help the vehicles in maintaining a good battery efficiency and which will avoid the battery from any type of disasters occurring.

What you’ll learn?
  • What is electric vehicle
  • Components or parts of electric vehicles
  • Detail study of electric motor
  • Detail study of battery
  • Detail study of power control unit
  • About regenerative breaking
  • Thermal system (cooling)
Who is this course for?
  • Beginners or electrical graduate who is looking for job In EV technology
  • Electric engineering students, lectures, or working professionals
  • Who is interested in knowing electric vehicles working
Course content
1. Introduction
2. Components or parts of electric vehicles
3. Different types of battery used in EV
4. Battery parameters – part1
5. Battery parameters – part2
6. The battery
7. Electric motor part1
8. Electric motor part2
9. Power control unit and cooling system
10. Regenerative braking