Automation of Microsoft Flow in Teams

Automation of Microsoft Flow in Teams

Learn to integrate Microsoft Flow in Teams for automation.

Have you ever wanted to know about how to automate a repetitive task using flow in Microsoft Teams for your business to be more efficient? If so, then welcome to this course.

Automate any tasks! Build automated workflows with no code inside Microsoft Teams. Power Automate is a development environment created by Microsoft to quickly create flows, which can automate any repetitive task that you have (both personal and for work).

This course is structured in a way that helps you learn the concept of integrating the flow inside Microsoft Teams

To know about Power Automate

It is a tool that allows you to build and execute flows, which can automate any repetitive tasks. Almost any repetitive task can be replaced by Power Automate.

Why Learn Power Automate?

· Boost your productivity – Power Automate can automate any repetitive task, which means you can have more time in the day.

· Create impact fast in your business – Power Automate can replace many mundane business process tasks with the click of a few buttons, without any code. Do you have a process in your organization or with yourself that is currently to be automated? Power Automate allows you to replace this with an automated flow.

What you’ll learn?
  • About Power Automate use in Microsoft Teams
  • Should be able to know what is automation is all about in Power Automate
  • Should be able to create simple tasks in Power Automate
  • This course is the basic level, so no prerequisites are required. Come hungry to learn!
  • Willingness to learn and know the technology
Who this course is for:
  • Analysts / Managers who want to automate any repetitive task to save time
  • Analysts / Managers who want to integrate automation into their business processes, saving time for everyone!
  • Anyone who wants to create an automated workflow
Course content
1. Introduction
2. What is in this Course
3. Overview of Power Automate
4. Use of Power Automate
2. Overview of Microsoft Teams
1. About Microsoft Teams
2. Why Microsoft Teams
3. Support Line
1. Power Automate Support Line
2. Microsoft Teams  Support Line
3. Microsoft Teams Sign in
4. Know about Office 365 and Outlook
4. Model Driven Apps
1. What are Model Driven Apps
5. Integration of Flow in Microsoft Teams
1. How to create flow in Teams
2. Thank you Note