Android Puzzle Game Using Godot Engine From Start to Finish

Android Puzzle Game Using Godot Engine From Start to Finish

Make a Floot IT Puzzle Game Using Godot Engine

Flood It! is a simple yet addictive strategy game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in less than the allowed steps. Try to flood-it in the least amount of steps! more than 1,000,000 Downloads on Google Play, learn how this game is made ??? From Start To Finish With the source code available in all sections.
Step by step tutorial
Flood-It! – Apps on Google Play

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A simple yet Addictive Game, lets look at some of the reviews for this game:
Wannet moore (5 STARS)
I wonder how ad mobs statistics might look?
I don’t mind having some Extra sources of income ?
Thanks to this well documented step by step tutorial
Now I know how to make money with Godot engine and Google ad mobs.
I must admit tho this tutorial was a game changer it generated so many streams of income

Lir Soracia  (5 STARS)
it’s not ideal, but it’s pretty damn good. I love the fact that you can change board sizes dynamic boards must be nice as well. also, not ALL the colour palettes make me want to tear out my hair, but a few new ones with mostly dark or neutral colours would be nice

What you’ll learn?
  • Install and prepare windows operating system to run Godot Engine and be able to export the game into androids APK
  • become familiar with Godot engines environment ex: project manager, scene dock, scripts panel, filesystem dock and more
  • creating game scenes, monetizing the game using google AdMob
  • exporting the game in order to publish on Android Markets such as Google PlayStore
Who is this course for?
  • People with basic programing knowledge who want to learn how to make android games
  • People who want to have streams of passive income by publishing and monetizing android games
  • People who love puzzle like games
  • Basic understanding of programing concepts such as variables and functions
Course content
1. Preparing the operating system
Preparing the operating system ( windows 10 ) and installing softwares
2. Getting to know Godot Engine’s Environment
Learning Godot Engines Environment
3. Making the game
Create The Puzzle in a 2D scene
Create the main buttons to change the color of the boxes of the puzzle
Changing the color of the first box of the puzzle using the buttons
Creating the main function to change the color of boxes in the puzzle
Creating and animating the reload and settings menus
Creating a global script and the other scenes of the game
Monetizing the game using google Admob
4. Exporting the game for Android
Exporting to APK
Download all resources from here | Password: